Her Agenda Articles

Her Agenda Articles

Her Agenda is a digital media platform that inspires and empowers millennial women by showcasing stories of women succeeding in their industries and highlighting the resources needed to achieve that success. Below are samples of my work as a Contributing Writer for Her Agenda.

Book Reviews

The Loyalist Team: The Tools You Need To Create A Better Team Culture

Hack Your Way To Happiness By Thinking Like A Startup

10 Lessons From Trailblazing Women Who Are “Earning It”

How This Woman Put Her Life Back Together After Getting Run Over By A Truck

Want to Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone and Learn To Take Action Despite Feeling Scared?


5 Workplace Resolutions That Can Help You Achieve Professional Success In 2019

Emotional Intelligence Will Save Your Job From Robots

Pockets On Women’s Clothes Matter More Than You Think

Feeling Like an Imposter? Here’s What You Need to Know

5 Guidelines For Positive Workplace Friendships

Lessons In Leadership: Accept Yourself And Learn To Listen

Infographic: The Effect of Mobile Tech on the U.S. Workforce

Getting Back Into Work Mode After A Long Vacation

How To Get Back In Work Mode After A Long Holiday Weekend

10 Things You Need to Consider About Grad School

Why Wait for Opportunity? 5 Steps to Create Your Own

How I Kept My Agenda Moving Even With An Injury

How to Handle The Anxiety of Trying To Unplug From Work While on Vacation

The Writing’s on the Wall—50 Inspirational Quotes to Keep Around You At Work

A Guide To Training Yourself To Wake Up Early

What to Do When You Don’t Have a Job After Graduation


Meet Athena, A New Wearable To Help Keep You Safe

5 Tools To Help You Run Your Business

Meet The Woman Raising Money To Create A Documentary Featuring Inspiring Female Founders

7 Habits of Highly Effective Women Entrepreneurs

Power Agenda Interviews

Katrina Craigwell, Director of Global Content & Programming at General Electric

Julie Greenbaum, Co-Founder of FCancer

Ashley Gavin, CSED Evangelist & Comedian

Rebecca Rachmany, CEO of Gangly Sister

Event Coverage

A Masterclass In Disruption: 8 Key Takeaways From Inspiring World Leaders

Coders vs. Cancer: Hacking for a cause

WiCi Awards: Honors Powerful Women Redefining Their Industries

10 Pieces of Honest, Actionable Advice From Amazing Women

News & Politics

How To ICE-Proof Your Business In 2019

What The Key Takeaways Of The Midterm Election Means For 2020

How To Turn #MeToo Into A Culture Of Accountability

The First Social Media Archive For America’s First Social Media President Is Now Available Online

Michelle Obama Delivers Rousing Speech: Enough Is Enough!

Donald Trump’s Comments Shouldn’t Offend You On Behalf Of Females, It Should Offend You As A Human Being

Democracy Works, If We Work Together

Gender Identity and Politics: A Quick Explainer of the North Carolina Bathroom Bill